General cleaning services

By contracting our professional cleaning services, the space in which you will perform your work will be clean and it will reflect a professional look. Please find the following detailed services we offer.

• Vacuuming floors and walls
• Washing tiles
• Mechanical washing of floors
• Washing and disinfecting toilets and kitchens
• Treatment given with anti-static protective substances (tiles, parquet, linoleum, stainless steel, aluminum etc)
• Cleaning frames, doors and chops
• Deodorising rooms
• Dusting the furniture with antistatic solution
• Treatment with appropriate solutions for office equipment
• Treatment with protective solutions for wood furniture
• Garbage disposal and other debris
• Cleaning facades, ceilings and lightning equipment
• Mechanized washing of carpets, rugs and upholstery
• Professional window washing
• Curtain cleaning

Maintenance cleaning

Maintenance cleaning for:
• Offices
• Headquarters
• Banks
• Apartments

Maintenance cleaning can be done daily, every two weeks or monthly:
• Vacuuming carpets
• Cleaning and polishing the floors
• Dusting
• Cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms and kitchens
• Cleaning ashtrays, disposal and replacement of trash bags and supplies
• Ventilation and deodorising

Professional cleaning services after construction

• Removing paint stains, cement, silicon etc. from all surfaces (windows, doors, windows, vents, floors, tiles, radiators, etc.).
• Washing windows inside and outside
• Cleaning and sanitizing restrooms
• Wiping furniture with antistatic cloths against dust
• Cleaning horizontal and vertical surfaces using professional vacuums
• Mechanic washing of hard floors